Where we Come From

Changing Stories originated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from a group of family and friends who wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who could use the help.  The group now has team members from various countries and is continuing to grow!

Where we get our funding

We raise all of our money through group and individual fundraising projects. Donations from friends, family and online supporters are a great way for us to reach our project goals.

We are always looking for sponsorship and donations from individuals or businesses so we can maximize the potential of our projects and ensure we provide as much as possible to the children in the communities we visit.

Why We Do It

  • For the smiles that light up the children's faces,
  • For the lifelong friendships we make with people who don't even speak the same language,
  • For the culture that opens our eyes and enriches our lives.

Thank you Changing Stories for everything, I love you all!
— Mauricio Enrique, Teacher in Juayua, El Salvador

God bless you for your spirit of serving and for caring for the children of Juayua.
— Ada DE Ramirez, local resident of Juayua, El Salvador